Completing The City Trends Application

There are over 513 Citi Trends stores covering 29 different states throughout the US. As a company they are very committed to delivering an exceptional work environment and experience for its employees. If being a part of this environment is something that is appealing to you then you will want to take a moment to follow these tips on hot to fill out the Citi Trends application for a job. There are a few things that you should known that just might give you that extra advantage you need to land your dream job at Citi Trends.


One of the first and easiest ways to fill out the Citi Trends application is through the company’s website. Once you are on their website just look at the top menu for the opportunities link. This is a current listing of the types of jobs and positions that are currently available at Citi Trends. Carefully choose one that fits your talents and qualifications. You can click on the text link of the job title for further details of the job description. This will give you an idea of what job position to place on your Citi Trends application.


When you are ready to apply just click find locations. Then just enter your search parameters. The easiest is to enter your zip code followed by the search radius. A list will then show the current available jobs as well as the ones currently accepting applications. Just click the check box next to the job you wish to apply for and then scroll down to the bottom and click submit. You will then need to enter your email address and create a password for the job application site.


The next step is to choose questions and answers for your challenge questions. This is just added security in case your forget your login information later. They will use this information to confirm your identity.


After you complete the challenge questions and answers you will then need to enter your resume. Now the easiest way to do this is to use their handy import feature. There is a link at the top where you can import your Word doc file into the Citi Trends application program. It takes just a second and all of your information on your resume will appear in all the fields. Just take a moment after it imports to double check everything to make sure that all of your information was imported correctly.


After you confirm all of your details you will then be presented with an article which asks if you have ever been convicted of one or more criminal offenses. Make sure that you answer truthfully. Just click confirm to continue the Citi Trends application process. If you have been convicted then just click cancel to exit out of the application.


The next part of the Citi Trends application process is the questionnaire. You must confirm that you are at least 18 years old, willing to submit a pre-employment background check, be able to confirm that you can legally work in the United States, and be willing to submit a screening test for drugs.


Finally just agree to the privacy statement at the end and your application for Citi Trends will be automatically and electronically submitted. The application process is as simple as that!




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The Citi Trends Interview

Once you go through the process of filling out the Citi Trends application, the next step is the waiting game. You must give Citi Trends time to process your job application and then render a decision on whether to continue to the next step or not. This next step is the interview process. This is not a terribly difficult process but there are some tips that you should know when preparing for and going through your interview with Citi Trends. These simple tips will give you the upper hand in the interview process.


First and foremost make sure that you are dressed in a professional manner. Dress appropriately for the job position that you are applying for. For executive and management level jobs you will want to dress in business attire. For other level jobs you will want to at least dress in business casual wear. If you have clothes from Citi Trends and they are appropriate for the interview then you may want to consider wearing them for your interview. Remember, this is a fashion company that you are applying for. Showing up poorly dressed can result in your Citi Trends application being thrown out.


Next you need to make sure you are well prepared for the interview. Go over your resume and application that you submitted. Make sure you know everything that is written on there. You may be asked a few questions pertaining to your Citi Trends application or resume and you do not want to appear clueless about what you have on your resume or application.


The interview process at Citi Trends typically involves a few interviews, especially for the management level positions. Each of the interviews can take as long as two hours. During this process you will be asked to respond to a series of questions regarding your availability, jobs skills, previous work experience, etc. You may also be asked some questions about specific items in your resume. Take your time and carefully think through the questions and provide a thoughtful response. You do not want to rush the process and either miss a detail or mis-represent a detail of your job qualifications.


During the interview process make sure that you carry yourself in a considerate manner. There is weight given to how you respond in a customer / employee setting. The company is a fashion retailer so there is a lot of emphasis in customer service and people skills. Show that you have a genuine desire to not only work at Citi Trends, but to help make Citi Trends a better company.


Make sure you have thought through how you will close the interview. Think about what you see in the company that makes you want to work there. Why are you attracted to fashion and in particular why are you attracted to the Citi Trends fashion. What do you think about when you see the store.


These are just a few tips to think about when preparing for and going through an interview with Citi Trends. Of course they will not guarantee a successful interview but they will certainly increase the likelihood for success. Thanks for reading, if you have not already read our article on how to fill out the Citi Trends application I strongly suggest you do so.

Citi Trends Job Positions

With a company the size of Citi Trends there are a lot job positions available. These Job Positions go from store level jobs all the way to upper management level jobs. To view the current job titles at Citi Trends you just need to visit company’s website. Then click on the opportunities tab at the top. This will open up a whole list of the current job positions available at Citi Trends. Below is a breakdown of the job categories with the company. From here you can discover the various job positions you can write in on your Citi Trends application.


The first job category of job positions at Citi Trends is manager. There is the store manager, 1st assistant store manager, 2nd assistant store manager, and manager in training. Also at the store level is the job title of store sales associate. This position is the lifeblood of the Citi Trends stores. They are the first contact with customers. This is a high ranking position so don’t seek out the Citi Trends application for this job unless you have the proper experience.


Another job position category is the accounting category. This includes accounts payable specialists, internal auditors, and operations analysts. These positions insure that the company and stores stay on a balanced budget and remain profitable.


Purchasing is a third category of job positions at Citi Trends. Here there is a buyer, associate buyer, assistant buyer, merchandise planner, merchandise assistant, and allocations. These job positions help insure that Citi Trends has the latest styles in stock to meet the demands of the fashion conscience consumer.


The next area of job positions at Citi Trends is related to distribution. These include distribution and quality control, distribution center packer, distribution center processor, distribution center materials handler, and distribution center supervisor. These job positions help make sure that all of the Citi Trends stores receive the inventory they need when they need it.


Another set of job positions at Citi Trends is the IT positions. This is very important in keeping all of the stores, distribution centers, and corporate offices fully connected and functioning as one unit. Job positions available in this category include network administrator, junior network administrator, telecommunications analysts, and the help desk. Now the help desk has job positions like help desk support and nighttime computer operator.


Finally there are the upper level district jobs at Citi Trends. These jobs include the district managers and executive assistants. They are the glue that holds all the pieces of the company together. They insure proper communication and function between the many different levels and phases of the business.


Now Citi Trends is not a huge company bay any means but even a company of this size does split itself up into quite a few job categories and positions. Each job position and job category at Citi Trends has its own unique set of standards that are set from the corporate level of operations. It should also be noted that not all regions where Citi Trends operates have the exact same job titles and positions. For the most part this is true but there are some additional specialist positions when are defined as needed for particular regions that Citi Trends operates. Consider all of the information above before filling out your Citi Trends application.

About Citi Trends

Before you turn in your Citi Trends application it is important to learn a little about the company. Citi Trends is a fashion forward company that is based out of Savannah, Georgia. The fashion company was founded in 1958 when it was originally the company was known as Allied Department Stores. It was not until early 2000 that the fashion company began renaming all of its stores to Citi Trends. In 2001 the company officially changed its name to Citi Trends which it still goes by today.


There are currently over 513 Citi Trends stores in the United States with locations in 29 different states from coast to coast. The Citi Trends stores have a unique urban feel and offer the top brands from the urban fashion category. These include Rocawear, Apple Bottoms, Cavi, Coogi, Dickies, Akademiks, Mecca, Baby Phat, Ed Hardy and more. They offer all of these fashions at every day affordable prices, which makes the stores even more appealing for all shoppers. Apart from being a great store to shop at they are also a great store to work at. If you are looking for a job, consider putting in a Citi Trends application.


You may ask how affordable. Well Citi Trends offers a lot of items for less than $10. That’s how affordable they are. This includes gifts, fragrances, sleepwear, jewelry, and lingerie. And most of the other every day items have huge mark downs as well. Most savings are as much as 50-70% off the normal retail price that you would have to pay at another retail store. And the thing is, it’s the same labels and fashions.


How does Citi Trends do it? They do so through their purchasing power. They look for the excess inventory of their suppliers and then then purchase this excess inventory in great quantities and at super low prices. The savings is then passed onto the customer. The result is that you the customer ends up paying far less for the same urban fashions that you would normally have to pay at any other fashion retail store.


As the company grew from its humble beginnings they also need to acquire more purchasing power. This led to the company going public in 2005. The Citi Trends had grown so rapidly that the company made the decision to go public in order to grow the company even faster. Today Citi Trends trades on the Nasdaq exchange under the symbol CTRN. For more information on how the company is doing financially you can check the investors relations section of the Citi Trends website.


So how do you find one of these fashion leading stores? You can just log onto the Citi Trends website and use their hand store locator. There is a link located on the top left of their website. Click that and then just enter your zip code or current location. They will then provide you with a list and a map of the nearest Citi Trends stores and directions on how to get to these stores. This is also a great way of finding a location to put in a Citi Trends application form.


You can then click on each individual store location to find out the specific business hours of operation. If you are still having trouble you can always call their customer service at 800-605-8174. They will be more than happy to assist you in find the nearest location of a Citi Trends store. Thanks for visiting City Trends application dot com.